Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Review: CalExotics Nipple Clamps with Chain

Oh Glow Blog CalExotics Nipple Clamps With Chain
I recently won a gift voucher that allowed me to try out some new products; one of which being this cute little set of nipple clamps from CalExotics. These are my first set of clamps and I wasn't quite sure of what to expect, but the experience was pretty positive!

The packaging is nothing unusual -- just a little moulded plastic sachet that allows you to see the contents and get a good idea of the weight of the chain. To be honest, anything fancier would just be a waste and drive up the price of what is really quite an affordable bondage accessory. Nobody wants that! The clamps are good quality, nickel-free, and tipped with little phthalate-free plastic stoppers for some extra comfort. They're totally worth the retail price. Any unnecessary frilliness would just be excessive, I feel.

In any case, I'm a basic bitch that likes basic gear, so I really enjoy the simplicity of them. Just plain silver with black accents on the crocodile-style clip, an aesthetic I find way more appealing than the tweezer or classic clover styles. Each stainless-steel clamp has a little wheel that allows you to set how far open they remain for a looser or tighter fit, and once you find a set-point that works for you they don't easily shift, which is pretty handy. Word to the wise: try to store these in a safe place, as the little rubberised tips can wiggle off and would be easily lost, leaving you with uncomfortably extreme metal clips. Yikes. To prevent this, a tiny drop of superglue on the inside of the rubbery tip would probably help, although I haven’t actually tried this myself and am operating on theory.

Oh Glow Blog CalExotics Nipple Clamps With Chain
You could also disconnect the chain and just use the clamps by themselves, or even attach different charms/weights to them if you’re feeling fancy. There’s a fair amount of versatility in these little beasts.

In use, the clamps function perfectly, although beginners may wish to start with a very mild pressure and build from there. It took me a little while to set the wheel to a point where the bite was solid but not painful, and it takes a moment to find comfortable (?) placement on the body. The sensation is intense but you kind of lose the high notes of feeling pretty quickly, which makes sense because of the restricted bloodflow. This means that you can play around with the chain with a surprising lack of pain, which is kind of cool. Nevertheless, direct disruption of the clamps themselves (whether accidentally brushing them, rolling over onto them, or intentional contact) can bring that to the front of your mind immediately.

I was pretty surprised by the deadened sensation – maybe I'm just not using them tightly enough? Being too cautious? In any case, it might be easy to forget them on for too long, which would be bad. Reduced bloodflow to sensitive parts of the body is always bad. Remember to take breaks every fifteen minutes or so! Look after yourself.

On that note, the rush of blood upon release can be quite painful, so be prepared! I’ve been gingerly releasing them little by little so that it’s not a huge rush all at once and that seems to help. You’ll also probably find that you’re very sensitive afterwards so continued play might need to wait (or not?) while you recover a bit. If there's any tenderness afterwards, I often put on a comfy softcup bra just to hold everything comfortably and have a bit of a protective layer until my sensitivity normalises again.

Overall, I have zero regrets with these clamps. They’re simple to operate, look great, and weren’t particularly expensive either. I like the crocodile-style both practically and aesthetically, and they’re one of the only pieces of kink/BDSM gear that is so tiny it could fit in a shirt pocket.

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