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Review: Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Oh Glow Blog Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation review sex toys sex positive south africa

Ever heard of suction toys? In the last couple of years, two new brands have come onto the sex toy scene as an alternative to vibration for clitoral pleasure. First to emerge was the Womanizer brand, followed swiftly by the German-based Satisfyer, who kindly sent Minerva and I products in exchange for unbiased review. We were both really excited to try out some new sensations, being basic cishet girls who have only really experimented with vibration before. Personally, I quite like the shape and design of the Satisfyer models, and I felt quite lucky to have been able to critique this brand just in terms of aesthetics.

Despite this, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation doesn't look like much. It's an updated version of the previous Pro 2 model, and, as with its predecessor, there are no fancy embellishments or unnecessary accessories. It's just a sleek, minimal toy that's comprised entirely of a handle topped with a little silicone nozzle. To keep things even more simple, this toy only comes in one colour -- a sort of champaigny-bronze that is refreshingly gender-neutral. As much as I love a fabulously femme aesthetic, it is pleasant to see 'unconventional' colours pop up from time to time. In terms of design, the only change in this Next Generation version was to incorporate another button to reduce the intensity. I can tell you already that this was a good move on behalf of the company, but we'll get to that later.
Oh Glow Blog Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation review sex toys sex positive south africa

Satisfyer packaging is straightforward and clean – a cardboard box with a facsimile of the product on the front, with the toy itself nestled in a plastic tray inside. All you get is the toy, a magnetic USB charging cable, and the manual. A storage baggie would have been nice, but I also understand that toy costs go up with fancier packaging/accessories and let's be honest about it – we want good quality toys to be affordable. My only complaint with the packaging is that, during shipping, the products were placed in a lovely nondescript  box which listed on the courier label as containing vibrators. Apparently, this isn't a once-off thing and has happened to other reviewers receiving their products directly from the company, so unless you're ordering directly from Satisfyer itself you should be fine.

When I heard of this particular new development in sex toy tech, I was initially a bit dubious. Surely too much suction can be a bad thing? Anyone that's awkwardly tried to hide a love-bite knows the bruisey feeling that comes with broken blood-vessels via overenthusiastic suction, and I'm not eager to reproduce the sensation elsewhere on my body. Fortunately, the Satisfyer range works on air pulses to create a sort of fluttering feeling that mimics suction more than actually creating it, coupled with some vibrations. It's a bit difficult to describe, but basically there's no need to be concerned about vacuum-based injury because there won't be enough vortex power to wreck your capillaries. The noise level is a bit dramatic though – on the lower levels there's a very soft hum, but it does get a bit rattley as you crank up the power, and it's definitely the loudest of my toys. However, it's nothing that some basic blanket-muffling and background music won't resolve.

Oh Glow Blog Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation review sex toys sex positive south africaMy first impressions while using the toy? A bit meh, to be honest. I made the mistake of operating the Pro 2 as I would any other vibe, placed in the spot I would normally use. But the Pro 2 isn't a vibe, so I was disappointed – that is, until I figured out that this toy needs to be placed directly over your clit in order for anything to happen. Fans of indirect stimulation will have to trust me on this one, because when you do find the right place, it's like walking in on a surprise party. Suddenly there's so much sensation and stimulation that users who are used to vibration might not have encountered before, and there really is something about the air pulses that seems to draw out orgasm much longer than usual. It's a bit surreal, actually. If you haven't tried this kind of toy and are looking for something new, I highly recommend checking one out. It's a sensation you need to experience to really understand, but it's almost like the orgasm is being slowly pulled out of your body rather than beaten out via pounding vibrations. It's both wonderful and overwhelming; and that's where the extra button comes in handy. Originally, Satisfyer just had made this toy with an on/off and a plus button. The addition of a minus function allows the user to decrease stimulation when the sensation becomes too much during/post orgasm, enabling you to come down more gently. This was such a big win for me despite having never used another Satisfyer product prior to this one. A minus button just makes sense, especially in a toy of this size where there is definitely enough space to engineer an extra button in the handle.

Basically, I've found this product is able to deliver some really long-lasting, extended orgasms that feel very different from the sensations created via vibration. If you're looking to try something new, I can't recommend the Satisfyer Pro 2 enough -- and hey, you should try get the Next Generation. That extra button really does make a difference.

Thanks again to Satisfyer for working with us! Check out their range of products at the links below, or hit them up on social media -- their service is stellar.

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