Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Five Adult Retailers I'm Excited About

I get pretty excited about a lot of things, because life is too short not to be unreasonably enthusiastic about the stuff you like. As someone pretty interested in the adult product industry, I naturally swoon over certain items and retailers that might not be widely available in South Africa. Often this is due to sheer aesthetic and internet-based mythos surrounding the company, but occasionally it's because I've actually tried some of their stuff before and want to know more.

Here are my top five swoon-worthy companies that I'm mostly unfamiliar with, but would like to get to know better.

Yoni Eggs

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I recently became aware of Knysna-based company Yoni Eggs when I saw they were being stocked by one of my favourite online retailers. Yoni eggs are made from semi-precious stones like jade and rose quartz, and are famous for being used by Chinese concubines to improve their pelvic health for sensual reasons. They've experienced a recent revival in modern culture, and have now made their way to South Africa as well. We have an interview with Juliet, the retailer responsible for bringing this product to the SA market coming to our blog soon (edit: here it is!). Personally, I'm pretty excited that beautiful crystal eggs that help improve kegel buffness are now available to local customers. Hopefully, I will be able to try one out myself someday.


 Ugh, how can you not obsess over the prettiness of these pure crystal intimate aids? I love the aesthetic of the company so much, I interviewed founder Vanessa about her products with the full knowledge that I'd probably never be able to try them. I mean, just look at their Instagram account; it's glorious. As a hippie-inclined vegan, the emphasis on natural material and the sacred nature of sexuality really appeals to me, despite my own internalised concern that these qualities have been commodified in yet another saleable product. I ask myself why I want the Prism Chakrub so badly, when sexual healing and conscious empowerment is something I can attain by myself, with some designated focus on working through my own issues. The answer is, of course, "Because it's pretty." However, I do really like the care Vanessa takes with her products, and the authentic way she really lives her brand. Small-time retailers are the best.


Crave is a luxury sex-toy manufacturer whose products are largely constructed from steel and silicone. I love their emphasis on sleek, clean lines and a muted, minimalist aesthetic that makes their intimate products seem like they would be at home on a plinth at a modern art show. The first product of theirs I saw was the Vesper, a slim wearable vibrator that is made to look like artsy jewellery. It's gotten mixed reviews -- power queens are generally left wanting, but it's just so pretty, how can you not covet it? I also love their little Bullet vibe, a compact little stainless steel unit that looks so quietly unassuming, you can imagine popping it in your bag for a weekend away and not even worry when getting searched at the airport.

Organic Machine

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We've worked with Organic Machine before, but this South African company really left us impressed with their attention to detail and product quality. I loved their personalised products and vegan-friendly ethos, as well as their emphasis on natural beauty. Megan La Mer, the founder and alchemist of beauty wizardry, is wonderful to talk to and is genuinely passionate about her craft. For me, it always feels so much better to support people that you know are wonderful and enthusiastic about what they do -- it just makes it so much more enjoyable to use the product itself. Megan mentioned that she's thinking of making a foray into water-based lubricant in the future, and both Minerva and I would be very excited to check this out. Personally, I love buying from local businesses, so Organic Machine will always be a priority for me.


I love the unusual take L'Amorose does on classic sex toys. Like, they are what you expect, but they're designed so sculpturally, with a clear emphasis on aesthetic appeal. Their Prism range is glorious and self-standing, curving like swans' necks, and the Black Diamonds line is similarly minimalist, yet elegantly embellished. I just love classy things okay. In this case, the affection seems justified -- from what I've read, L'Amourose has some really powerful, rumbly products that do all the good things for their users. The general consensus from the sex-blogging community is that L'Amourose is basically the new Lelo of luxury toys. Except, you know, less expensive and more ethical. Win-win!

So, what are your favourite retailers to be excited about?

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