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Review: Organic Machine Love Butter

We've spoken about Joburg-based beauty and sensual product manufacturer Organic Machine before, but this time we're providing an honest review of their fragrant massage oil, Love Butter. If the jar looks a bit empty in these photos, it's because it is. I've almost finished it all; which shows how much I enjoyed this product.

Oh Glow Blog Organic Machine Love Butter massage oil coconut natural vegan handmade local
Firstly, let's talk about the good stuff, by which I mean literally everything inside this massage oil. Organic Machine bases its brand on ethical beauty and sensual products, and this is no exception. Love Butter is made with unrefined Shea butter, cacao butter, and a blend of essential oils from primarily organic sources. These extracts are namely rosehip, jojoba, patchouli, ylang-ylang, rose geranium, mandarin, grapefruit, vanilla, neroli, cinnamon, black pepper, peppermint and vitamin E oils all selected for their aphrodisiac and enriching qualities. It's a long list of quality ingredients that makes up this handmade product. Organic Machine is a small business that focuses on individual attention to their customers, and Megan clearly goes the extra mile to make her clients feel special. We got handwritten notes from her with our review pack, along with special little slips of paper inviting us to write an affirmation and stick it up somewhere visible as a reminder. It's actually quite charming. While there are defintiely perks to mainstream manufacturers, nothing can beat small-time businesses for the personal touch.

And the packaging! Oh, the fabulous hand-embellished packaging. We previously reviewed samples of Glide, Peak, and Lickable, and I'm glad that we did get a chance to check out one full-size product because so much care has gone into accessorising the retail tubs. I love the attention to detail on the label and the hand-stuck lacy pattern on the rim of the lid. However, it's not all about how it looks -- we want to know the product works as well.

The first thing that struck me was the scent. Love Butter really comes on strong, whacking you right in the nose with its blend of aphrodisiac oils. The overall notes are of patchouli and rose, which is balanced a little by the spiciness of the black pepper to create a scent that is incredibly sweet and yet simultaneously quite zesty and flavoursome. Overall, it's quite exotic -- I haven't smelled anything like this combination before. The product itself is slightly tan and almost waxy to start out with, until you scrape out a dollop and warm it in your hands for a good massage session. The texture almost feels gritty at first, but I think that's just a shea butter thing -- it swiftly softens into a silky oil that feels rather luxurious.
Oh Glow Blog Organic Machine Love Butter massage oil coconut natural vegan handmade local

My previous experience with Organic Machine's coconut oil-based lubes made me confident that this product would be similarly hardy and travel-friendly, so I purposely packed Love Butter into my suitcase for a ten hour road trip to see how heat and motion would affect it. Although it melts easily when in contact with the skin, Love Butter somehow maintained its consistency without liquefying and getting oil all over my stuff. In fact, the product seemed entirely unchanged, still bearing the un-melted scoops from previous massages. I don't know what car-friendly alchemy was used in crafting this magic massage oil, but I love it.

In use, Love Butter functions as a thick, creamy massage aid that spreads well once you work up some heat. It's very smooth, adds a decent glide, transmits warmth really well, and leaves skin feeling supple, moisturised, and well-nourished for ages afterwards. Basically, it's excellent for facilitating gentle, loving touch. I gave two people multiple massages with Love Butter, and got a few of my own in return. Everyone had a good time, but there were a few mixed reactions.

Oh Glow Blog Organic Machine Love Butter massage oil coconut natural vegan handmade local
All finished!
Firstly, the scent is not for everyone. Even Megan mentioned she has since tweaked the formula to tailor the scent more to her liking. My one massage victim is a fan of sultry, musky perfumes and remarked on the flavourful aroma quite positively. She enjoyed the way the smell lingered long after the oil absorbed, creating subtly perfumed wafts that were emitted from her clothing from time to time. Minerva also found the scent very appealing, saying that it was the most powerful selling point of the product. My partner, however, was not so keen, although I doubt that Love Butter is entirely to blame. The first time I used this product with him, he was rather ill and said the strong, sweet scent was too overpowering for his nausea. Unfortunately, the second attempt only served as an olfactory reminder, triggering an involuntary bodily response. The third time was the charm though -- I gave him a glorious foot massage and the somewhat removed distance from feet to nose acted as a buffer, allowing him to just relax and not feel any Pavlovian triggers. He also liked the way the heavy oils revitalised his skin, making his crusty little hooves soft again.

Overall, I really enjoyed using this product and would recommend it to anyone who wants a compact, travel-friendly massage oil that goes a long way. The recipe has since been adjusted so the aphrodisiac scent will probably hold more widespread appeal, so don't let one sick boy's experience put you off.

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