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Interview with Vanessa Cuccia of Chakrubs!

Oh Glow Blog Vanessa Cuccia interview Chakrubs Shadow Line crystal sex toys
Vanessa with the Nanchaku
We've blogged about our interest in natural products before, but this is something really special. When I first discovered the Chakrubs brand online, I was genuinely struck by the simplicity and beauty of sensual products handcrafted from semi-precious stone. Founder Vanessa Cuccia wanted to combine crystal healing practice with her exploration of sexuality, with the intention of bringing a sense of spirituality and devotion to the way in which we engage with sexual pleasure.

The initial Chakrubs line consisted of what is could be described as the 'classic' design; a series of insertable pleasure toys with an elongated, wand-like shape tapering to a smaller point at one end. There are a number of crystals to choose from, each associated with different healing properties, aside from being supremely elegant in the most minimalist and trendy way. The brand also incorporated sexual wellness tools such as yoni eggs for pelvic floor training that also promotes harmony within the body.

Recently, Chakrubs announced the release of their Shadow Line, a new series of interactive sculpture made predominantly of black obsidian and stainless steel. The overall aesthetic is edgier, harsher, and quite a visual departure from the simple, minimalist beauty of the original Chakrubs. I really wanted to know more about what inspired the line, and was lucky enough to interview Vanessa about her work. Read on to learn more about her personal journey!
Oh Glow Blog Vanessa Cuccia interview Chakrubs Shadow Line crystal sex toys
Original Chakrubs / Photo by Kindred Black

Your sensual crystal products garnered a lot of fame fairly soon after going public. Why are people so fascinated by Chakrubs?

I think the more and more technologically advanced our culture gets, the more need for deep intimacy and emotional connection there is. Chakrubs urges us to connect with ourselves using masturbation as a metaphor for practicing self-love which in turn allows us to feel more connected in our relationships. As new-age as “crystal dildo” sounds, crystal therapy is an ancient practice, and more of us are turning to ancient wisdom intuitively bringing it into modern times.

The initial purpose of Chakrubs was to provide a tangible link between ritual, sacredness, and sexual pleasure. Naturally, this is increasingly a tech-driven world with a short attention span. How have the "average" clients responded to using your products?

My average client is already open to crystal therapy, and the responses I get are incredible. Heart-warming messages about how Chakrubs has assisted people in over-coming sexual trauma or body image issues, or depend romantic relationships come in quite often. I feel very blessed to be able to provide a catalyst for transformation in this way. 

You've spoken before about how the new Shadow Line came about as a way to deal with your own sexual hang-ups and trauma. Often, the temptation is to just ignore the negativity we feel and try to focus on the positive. What was it like for you to create an entire product line that centered on this perceived "darkness?"

Creating the Shadow Line was scary, exciting, and necessary for my personal spiritual development. Early on when I first started my own practice with Chakrubs, I realized something important; something isn’t “spiritual” or “sacred” just because it looks like it is. Anything is sacred when we give it the attention and honor that it is. Creating this line was a way for me to make this statement, and to honor my own own darkness by transmuting it into something beautiful.

You make strong allusions to fetish and weaponry imagery in the Shadow Line. Weapons can be used to defend oneself from danger, or to attack. Fetishism is also often portrayed as 'deviant,' and is a common element within the often 'violent' (but consensual) practices of the BDSM spectrum. Why did you specifically choose to draw on this visual language? 
Oh Glow Blog Vanessa Cuccia interview Chakrubs Shadow Line crystal sex toys
The Shadow Line / Photo from Chakrubs website

My sister, boyfriend, mother and I were watching the story of Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon, when we came up with the concept of the Nunchaku Chakrubs. The weapon-like design plays on the idea that we all have our own demons to fight, to love thy enemy, and to learn to protect ourselves and honor our boundaries. I find that the symbolism of fetishism and weaponry is just another important aspect to note.

Practitioners that work with them often say that crystals can absorb the energies you put out. Is it possible for Chakrubs to collect negativity and continue to propagate this during future use?

Crystals are our tools and they are here to help us. They hold consciousness we can’t truly understand, and I believe that when they need to, they cleanse themselves. If a person feels there is a negative energy with a crystal, the crystal is simply helping the person recognize a negativity within themselves. I see Chakrubs as a metaphor for our relationship to our our sexuality and spirituality. If you feel a Chakrub has absorbed negativity and using it is perpetuating that negativity, it may be that it is stirring up repressed emotional implants that need to be released. When we energetically cleanse a Chakrub with sage or in a salt bath, we are energetically cleansing ourselves (if you’re like me and seeing your Chakrubs as a metaphor as I mentioned). It is important to utilize your intuition when working with crystals as that will steer you in the direction your looking to go.

You've made it clear in various press releases that Chakrubs came about because you couldn't find the products you wanted. The website even describes the Shadow Line as coming from a very personal place. Do you feel that you are closer to reaching your own personal goals for healing and catharsis?

Stepping on the path of self-awareness and love is already a goal-reached, and a never-ending life choice. I remember feeling asleep for much of my young life, and starting the Chakrub brand made me feel more awakened. I know that there will always be more to learn, that I am perfect already as well as a work-in-progress. 

Lastly, are there any future plans for the Chakrubs brand?

So much. I have two new product lines in the works (secret for now), and am always thinking of ways to better serve the community. There is so much potential for growth and I’m always formulating the best ways to bring it to fruition.


Thanks again to Vanessa for her wonderful, heartfelt interview! I felt so fortunate to engage with a person who feels so 'real,' even when conversing with a stranger via email. Check out her glowing products at the links below.

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