Monday, 14 November 2016

Featured: OMG Yes review

Oh Glow Blog OMG Yes review

If you haven't tried OMG Yes yet, this is the time. Haven't heard of it? I wrote a review of the pleasure-oriented website at Slutty Girl Problems:
So imagine trying to explain to someone how to make your favorite meal. You can ask them to sauté some vegetables for ten minutes, or to add a cup of broth, and they’ll know what to do and just do it. And it will come out pretty much the way you like it, because we all understand what the terminology signifies. 
Now imagine if you’re with a new partner, and you tell them you’re a fan of continual edging but you prefer starting out with some hinting around your clitoris, and when you’re ready to climax they should focus on accenting the 3 o’ clock sort of position with strong downward strokes. And imagine if they actually knew what that meant. Wouldn’t it make such a profound difference in the way we communicate in our relationships? In the way we experience pleasure?
And that's where OMG Yes comes in. Interested? Read the full review here.

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